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Frankie J. Woods II is the Executive Director of Future Development Youth Center. Founded on March 28, 2014, Future Development Youth Center (FDYC) is a community-based 501(c)(3) whose mission provides mentoring for educational & career development of youth ages 12-19. FDYC serves historically marginalized, socio- economically underfunded & underserved communities in order to support youth in reaching their full potential as educated & highly skilled technical artists.

As a result of growing up as a troubled youth and experiencing the positive effects of having access to youth centers, as well as having the opportunities to use the media arts as an outlet, Frankie was compelled to find ways to give back. He started with football coaching and mentoring, and as he developed his own media arts skills at Cosumnes River College’s Film Production Program, at Sacramento City College’s Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship Program, and at LA Recording School’s Associate of Science Degree in Audio Production Program, he began to formulate the idea for FDYC.

In six years, Frankie has taken FDYC from a concept to a multi grant award winning program, each year expanding the organization’s services and range of youth served. He is now ready to lead it into the next era of helping our youth. He also continues to improve his leadership skills and recently joined Sacramento Region Community Foundation’s Big Day of Giving, year-long capacity building program for local nonprofits.

Omar Villalpando was born in San Diego, CA raised in Tijuana, MX, obtained his BA of Art in Photography at Sacramento State. He has had the opportunity to work with different ages and communities in Tijuana, Mexico at a local cultural center mentoring in the Photography field, allowing students to find their goal and path towards achieving success. Now based in Sacramento, CA generating new projects and workshops. 

Omar Villalpando 


Ashton Aspley

Film Director/Instructor

Hello, my name is Ashton Aspley. I’m 22 years old, a United States Marine and a current college student. I’m here to help FDYC by teaching writing and directing for narrative cinema. I am currently working as a writer and director, having written and directed two short films, a handful of shorts and am currently directing my biggest project yet! - I hope you’ll enjoy what I have to share with you and hopefully, I can help provide a stronger direction of what you want to do in your life.


2020 Board of Directors

Karen Mattis, Treasurer
Frankie J. Woods II, President/Founder
Omar Villalpando, Secretary

Board of Advisors

Calvin Handy, Chief of Police at UC Davis, Music Promoter and Artist Development in new career ventures.

Scott Carrell, Professor of Economics, the Co-Faculty Director of the California Education Laboratory, and the Faculty Athletics Representative at the University of California.

Aleem Shabazz, BS, Health Education, Portland State, Crescent Sports Media

Kimberly Spears works with the State of California under Governor Newsoms leadership. She holds a degree in Film and Media Studies and actively works in the Sacramento Film Community as a producer and filmmaker.  Kimberly brings enthusiasm, ambition and passion as she ventures into new initiatives encouraging youth, promoting mentorship and impacting individual growth while using her creative influence to connect with the Community. 

Jim T. Chong is a licensed Financial professional, radio host on Money 1055 covering greater Sacramento, best selling International author, speaker, and Master Emcee. Jim enjoys helping people at various levels be able to establish themselves and increase their exposure and influence.

Mark Freeman, President at Knowledge Transference Inc. (KTI) Respected leader in talent development and has provided board guidance in the nationally recognized Nehemiah Emerging Leaders Program, the 100 Black Men Mentoring Program, and the MLK365’s Social Justice Leadership Program.

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